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Hybrid Log Homes


Many people love the warmth and charm of log homes, but also like the flexibility of conventional construction. For these clients we offer log accented homes. These homes are much like regular homes, except that they have log elements that give the home a rustic lodge feel.

They can be as simple as a log mantle and some log railing, or as complex as log trusses, roof beams and log siding. You can do just about anything your imagination can come up with, popular items are;

  • Log Staircases
  • Log Railings
  • Log Mantles
  • Log Trusses
  • Log beams and columns
  • Log Siding
  • Log Rafters
  • Log Entryways
  • Log Porches

Any plan, log or conventional, can be adapted for log accents. We also offer custom home design complete with engineering. Log accent, or hybrid homes are unique in that you can adjust the amount of log work to fit your style and budget. They also work well for remodels or additions since they can go over conventional framing. Please email or call today to discuss your project with Kevin.